the border is the order. but only chaos bears creativity.

alle lesen

What is your
border worth?


Welcome/ Bienvenue/Welkom/Добродошли/Hoş/Willkommen

From May 14th – 20th, 2009 transeuropa presents its program: Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Turkey have been invited to in Hildesheim. Each country is represented with its own productions, prior to the festival exclusive coproductions will be developed.
The leitmotif of this year´s festival are borders. transeuropa2009 searches for territorial, social, cultural and individual barrier tapes.
»What´s your border worth?» the festival asks its artists, its audience and itself.
The „Bürgersitzungen /Civic Conferences“ request experts, theatremakers, jouralists and the audience to voice their opinions. transeuropa2009 turns the town into a stage – the venues are spread out in public spaces, the discourses conquer the council chamber and three huge parties will practically instruct you in overcoming borders.