Transeuropa 2006 - here we come!

Transeuropa 2006, the popular theater and performance festival, comes to Hildesheim for the fifth time between the 28th of June and 4th of July 2006. We are looking forward to welcome artists from Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia.

During more than 25 unique performances, newcomers and artists who already have received important awards, single artists and theater groups as well as dancers and visual arts performers show recent tendencies of up-to-date European theater and performance.

Transeuropa has created its very own version of an artistic festival and thus combines room for reflection such as reflections lounges and panel discussions with three international coproductions called CampLand which were exclusively planned for this festival and prepared in Hildesheim since June.

Enjoy your time together with friends and new acquaintances!

Transeuropa has scheduled concerts, parties, dancing and soccer tv presentations at the festival center "Fels" behind the Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof (main train station)during day and night time.

We, Transeuropa, celebrate the idea of collectivism with stage performances, dinners and picnics. Celebrate with us and find out more about new and exciting artists, producers, and actors from all of over Europe.

Once more, just like we did during the past few years, we would like to encourage you to participate in active interaction in between actors, audience, professionals, and organizers.

Collectivism relates to everything done within a group - let's celebrate collectivism and thus celebrate together!

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